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Temperature Controlled shipments: We specialize in temperature controlled shipments (refrigerated and heated) and understand that it demands extreme care, control and handling during transportation. Our dispatchers notify the drivers immediately about the required temperature desired by the customer. The drivers are trained to pre-cool the Refrigeration unit (trailer) at the desired temperature before arrival at the customer location. They then document pulp/cargo temperature at the time of pick up before the loading process, count the load and report the temperature to the dispatch. The dispatch enters the temperature information into the dispatch software and confirms it with the customer’s requirement. The drivers are trained to secure the load, seal the trailer before departure and monitor the temperature on the road every 3-4 hours. In case of any breakdown of refrigerated unit, we have immediate access to the repair facilities at all times. These shipments can either be Full Load or Less than Truck Load.

Full Truck Load: While we offer full load service at a very competitive price, our service exceeds our competitors in many ways. We excel in quality transportation, timely and secure delivery. Our Management monitors the freight movement and notifies the customers the location accurate to 2 minutes of time interval.

Less than Truck Load: We specialize in the movement of smaller volumes of goods to the same destination or a destination en route of the original load. This ensures costs are kept to a minimum, the savings of which are passed on in part to the customers. We claim to have service excellence across North America and have hired dispatchers dedicated towards this part of specialization.

Cross Docking and Warehousing: 15,000 sq ft of area with 10 docks with modern facilities including temperature controlled environment has the ability to store freight for short and long term, whenever so required by the customers. The area is secure and monitored by Cameras at all times. We have shelves for dedicated storage and preservation.

Dry loads: We have a fleet of 53 feet dry vans to cater for the needs of customers. We combine freights allowing us to load both partial as well as full freight loads all across North America. In order to facilitate expedited delivery, we have the ability to drop off the trailers at the customers. Our top priority remains “excellence in customer delight”.

  • FTL(Full Truckload shipping) LTL(Less than truckload trucking) – Trucks moves between US and Canada
  • City Vans, 53′ dry , refrigerated units and Highway Logistics
  • Refrigerated Shipping
  • Heavy haul trucking
  • Freight broker